Some lunchtime drawings for fun ;o) I was back in Seattle over the weekend and saw so many people out walking with their dogs in the glorious late Pacific Northwest summer, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Good medicine for the soul!


We had a fun crew screening last week of the 1-hour finale of Book 3. This will likely be our last such gathering, as the designers’ last day on the production is sadly tomorrow (which ended up falling on the Book 3 premiere), and the background painters are finishing up a few weeks behind them. In typical Korra fashion though, we still have an inordinate amount of work to do before they leave! DON’T GO! *sniff* I love this crew. It is bittersweet, because at the same time I am VERY HAPPY about the pre-production finish line fast approaching.

WE LOVE YOU TOO BRYAN! *Sniff* Thanks for letting us be a part of the Korra magic! ;o)

Blergh, getting back into sketching is like finally getting back to the gym after the holidays!

I’ve been watching this show nonstop - can’t wait for the finale episode next week! In the meantime I did some Kill La Kill fanart…California girl style ;o)

Three days of sketching in a row…I’m on a roll!


Congratulations to the Korra design team members for taking home the Annie Award for Production Design in TV for Book 2 Chapter 10 “A New Spiritual Age”! From left to right in the top photo, skipping Mike and me: Angela Sung (background design), Christine Bian (prop design), William Nanqing Niu (background design), Emily Tetri (background paint), and Frederic Stewart (background paint). And congratulations to the other designers who worked on this special episode: Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf (color stylist), Christie Tseng (character design), Angela Song Mueller (character design), and Lauren Zurcher (background paint). Every day I am blown away by their talent, dedication, and enthusiasm, so it is nice to see the animation community recognize their work as well.

I don’t normally reblog, but when I do…well….this! (Sorry this is SO old news…I just found this on my teammate William Niu’s tumblr. If you haven’t checked it out you totally should because HE. IS. AWESOME. AND btw that is me 3rd one in from the left!)