Hi there! I’ve been working on a Big Cat Anatomy Sculpture for a few months now. My intention was to create a model for artists and students interested in learning animal anatomy. This is a tool that can help with understanding the complexity of big cats anatomy. Professionally I am an animator…

This is SO cool! I’ve been an admirer of Gabriele’s work for a long time and I can already picture this sculpt sitting on my desk, helping me with my big cat drawing. ;o) 

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ;o) This little doodle was based off a video I found on a rescue foundation site called Black Jaguar White Tiger…really cool reference photos and vids and as far as I can tell a wonderful organization that rescues big cats from all sorts of bad conditions. Not to mention they get to hug lions and stuff…jealous.

A collection of lunchtime sketches I’ve done in the past few days. I’m so jealous of those artists that can do a whole page of these sketches in one lunch hour! I’m lucky to be able to get ONE decent sketch during lunch…sheesh! ;o)

Some lunchtime drawings for fun ;o) I was back in Seattle over the weekend and saw so many people out walking with their dogs in the glorious late Pacific Northwest summer, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Good medicine for the soul!


We had a fun crew screening last week of the 1-hour finale of Book 3. This will likely be our last such gathering, as the designers’ last day on the production is sadly tomorrow (which ended up falling on the Book 3 premiere), and the background painters are finishing up a few weeks behind them. In typical Korra fashion though, we still have an inordinate amount of work to do before they leave! DON’T GO! *sniff* I love this crew. It is bittersweet, because at the same time I am VERY HAPPY about the pre-production finish line fast approaching.

WE LOVE YOU TOO BRYAN! *Sniff* Thanks for letting us be a part of the Korra magic! ;o)

Blergh, getting back into sketching is like finally getting back to the gym after the holidays!